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Do not buy a used vehicle from Dave Smith Motors. The used car manager is a complete *** hole and completly ripped me off.

The GM does not return phone calls to fix problems. Although the truck showed no accidents on the report they did not tell me it was repainted and 6 months later the paint is peeling off. My factory warranty will not cover it and the manager says to bad its my problem. Dont let the low price of a new vehicle suck you in either.

Dont give them a dime!! They cannot be trusted they are crooks!

Monetary Loss: $33.

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Post Falls, Idaho, United States #956421

I am in the process of buying a used truck from Dave Smith in CDA, Idaho. It's been a cluster $#%^.

I see my attorney this mornin, not only did the seller lie and talk *** but his floor manager, and the shop manager and the shop secretary lied out his teeth. No one has done anything to help us except LIE. It's a true shame because we wen t there after George Gee Ript us Dave Smith did. We are new at this and didn't k now I needed an attorney before you buy a used car from any of them.

Damit I am so upset, on disability and trying to go to work on one leg to get my truck fixed, I just got it 4 weeks ago. HOW CAN A DEALERSHIP SELL ME AND LET ME DRIVE OFF THE LOT WITH DRIVER AIR BAG NOT WORKING, BUT PROMISED TO FIX. Once I keep showing up about this they threatened me.

Now I hear from NO ONE. Thank you Dave Smith, I could end up being homeless over this.

Seattle, Washington, United States #740832

I was considering buying a truck from Dave Smith motors, thanks for the reviews, I'm staying away ! what kind of company is this that combs complaint sights and banters with unhappy customers , no thanks I'll shop locally !

Spokane, Washington, United States #605142

If the information they had showed no accident, why are you mad. Obviously your dumb *** didn't notice it was painted either.

You tried to claim your paint on your warranty?

Jeez, did you try to get your oil changes and brakes covered too? Dumb ***.

to Mustang509 #613263

Mustang509, you are a complete fn ***. The fn truck came back as no accidents cause the *** f**kers did not report it and just fixed it.

Thinking it had not been in an accident of course warranty would cover the flaking paint you *** there was on 16k on it. Maybe you should go shop there or get a job there you'll fit right in your a f**ken retard too!!!


That was supposed to say 7 vehicles not 79.


I have purchased 79 vehicles from them in the past 12 years. Took my truck to them last summer cause the check engine light came on.

They told us no big deal they found what was wrong and warranty would fix it. In the mean time my husband was just gonna get a new truck from them but interest was too high so just decided to keep it. 4 days later they called us and said its not warranty and gonna cost about 10,000 dollars to fix and they thought it was funny that we couldn't afford to fix it. We fought and fought and fought with them and Dodge and it finally got fixed by warranty!

It was all because the way Dave Smith was coding it and even Dodge said was complete bulllshit!

I will never step foot nor will my family ever again on Dave Smith property! A bunch of rude nasty people!


OMG! !!

Dave smiths have done so many people wrong that they wont even talk to you on the phone unless you give them your life story.. I just called there and spoke to Taylor and he wouldn't talk to me unless I gave him my zipcode.. .how strange!! !

They are crooks !!

Be ware! !

to Cindy day West Long Branch, New Jersey, United States #588969

Cindy Day is obviously a Toyota Salesperson or involved with a Toyota Dealer. A little biased opinion there Cindy Day? Me thinks so.

to Cindy day Kellogg, Idaho, United States #612984

You need a zip code to know what rebates you qualify for. We get phonecalls from all over the country, and the rebates on new cars are different in different areas.

Any salesperson at our dealership can quote bottom-line dollar figures, but they need to know what your rebates are in order to do that.

It's a pretty simple question really....

to Taylor Seattle, Washington, United States #672933

geez taylor, you need a zipcode so you can determine the rebate, you were so pushy that the customer moved on, good salemanship, good customer service, after reading the complaint and reading your reply I vote for the customer, your true colors are shining through, way to go

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