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You are all a bunch of babies. you want a cheap vehicle dave smith provides it.

If you want service go to your local dealer thar will make 3-5k profit off you and spend the day kissing your butt. it's your decision cheap vehicle or you butt being catered to. theyb do not make enough money off a new car they sell back of invoice to cater to you winers. the funniest part is the cheapest people are the biggest whiners go cry to your mommy poor little baby.

otherwise man up and deal with their system if you want a car for nothing. no I dont work for dave smith but hearing you all whine makes me sick.

I used to work for a dealer who kissed your *** and made 5k a car off you. ha ha go back yo that your called a lay down in the car business cry baby

Reviewer is in happy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of whiney customers. Please contact the author of this review to discuss good customer service of other product. Dave Smith Motors needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Renton, Washington, United States #1239881

Obviously you have your nose so far up dave smith dealership none of them need toulet paper! What kind of a deal did you get for backing them up?


Apparently even basic writing, grammar, spelling and punctuation are not a requirement to sell cars. You may want to use you down time for some remedial classes.


Making general statements like you have is NEVER accurate , regardless of where I purchase a vehicle I expect them to " Man Up " and act with Honesty and Integrity . You imply that this man should allow himself to be lied to and cheated because he got a good deal { which he already said he did not } . Please explain how he is whining ?

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